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Since 1993 Gulf Cool Therm Factory Limited is one of the largest manufactures and the suppliers of high quality Polyisocyanurate, Polyurethane, Phenolic foam with complete thermal insulation material, pre-insulated pips and fittings for Industrial and district cooling applications.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a factory established in 1993, Sharjah – United Arab Emirates. Gulf Cool Therm Factory Limited is an ISO 9001 Certified Company with Quality System certified by UKAS of United Kingdom.

Gulf Cool Therm Factory Limited, as a manufacturers and suppliers of high quality:Polyisocyanurate, Polyurethane and Phenolic Foam Pipe, Duct, Wall, Roof, Tank and Vessel Insulations.

Pre-insulated Pipes and Fittings for Industrial and District Cooling Applications.Phenolic Foam or PIR Pre-insulated Duct Insulation panel, Polyurethane Spray applied Foam for Heat Insulation and Water Proofing Systems.

With best CNC machineries in the field and quality material available, with highly qualified technical and commercial staff, we are confident that our product will comply with all international standard and definitely will meet your requirements.

In order to facilitate our client with best service with respect to quality and prompt delivery, respective elements of production and marketing were provided and enhanced under a tight quality control.









Our Products

Phenolic Foam Pipe & Duct Insulation

Phenolic Foam is a rigid cellular foam insulation material with a substantially closed cell structure, whose polymer structure is made primarily from poly-condensation of phenol, its homologues and/or derivatives with aldehydes and ketones.

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Polyurethane / Polyisocyanurate Insulations

Gulf Cool Therm are manufacturers of rigid Polyurethane/Polyisocyanurate foam in a wide range of densities for different applications.

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Pre-Insulated pipe & fittings

Pre-insulated pipes and fittings for underground chilled water pipeline, district cooling and other energy related applications. The product consists of a carrier pipe, insulation, and jacket pipe. The insulations are available in different thickness as well as different densities.

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Roof and wall insulation

Gulf Cool Therm roof & wall boards consist of a rigid closed cell Polyurethane (PUR) or Polyisocyanurate(PIR) foam.

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Pipe & Duct Support

Used as a load-bearing member and minimizes energy dissipation. Insulated supports can be designed for vertical, axial and/or lateral loading combinations in both low and high temperature applications.

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Insulation Accessories

Aluminium Foil Roll, FSK FSV and Aluglass Foil, Self-Adhesive Aluminium Tape, Self-Adhesive Reinforced Aluminium Tape.

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